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Thursday, November 08, 2018
By Kimberly Dam
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I've been extremely blessed in my travels but, and I cannot say this enough, if there is ONE thing I would make a priority... it's a cross-country road trip. This trip was BEYOND. And while I can definitely attribute meandering through some of the country's most beautiful nature scapes to having such an incredible experience, I believe it was the pulse of the Mother that imprinted such a deep everlasting groove in my heart and soul. When you completely let go and release yourself to nature's ebbs and flows, immerse yourself in a community that is like in purpose and intention, forget time and forgive limitation, you remember who you are... a magical, mystical being that is capable of ALL. Over the following weeks, I will take you on my journey to the best of my heartfelt remembrance. 


Today, I release the first stop of our three-week journey, a hike in Garrapata State Park in California, where we danced among the bees on the way up, hugged the clouds on the top, and began to shirk responsibility on the way down. (This trip was actually planned and organized by my dear friend Nicole, whom was gracious enough to allow me to ride shot gun with a few conditions: be a backup GPS, provide an occasional humorous remark, read Kerouac aloud, and do some roadside yoga. Sweet. Perfection.)

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